Five Oaks Retreat is located in the beautiful woodlands and countryside of Goodlettsville, Tennessee. Right on the outskirts of Nashville, the play yards and training areas are nestled in ten acres of trails, trees and wildlife. Here Jim and Debbie Sawyers enjoy retirement with their British Labs and are dedicated to promoting this intelligent, versatile breed. Whether through participation in field trial competition or in perfecting an already well established breeding program, their desire is to spread the admiration and love of the British Labrador Retriever.
Labrador Retrievers are the most popular breed of dogs in the United States. With an exuberant personality, Labs are friendly, attentive and loyal. Their love of children makes them wonderful family dogs. However because of their versatility, Labs may be hunters, life assistants, athletes or merely companions. Yet for the Lab, his most important job is making his owner happy.