Training Dogs. . .Educating Families
Training creates a stronger, more compatible bond between owner and pet. It enhances the relationship within the family and makes living together more enjoyable. However, happy well-trained dogs require time and effort.
Obedience Training is essential for all other types of training and behavior modification. The first basic skills to learn are heel, sit, stay, place and here. Your dog will learn to respond to voice and hand commands. Once these behaviors are in place you and your pet can master more complex skills.
At Five Oaks it is our goal to not only teach the dog the skills he must know, but just as importantly, teach the owners. We feel it is crucial to work with the entire family. Consistency among family members is extremely valuable when working with the dog in order to reach the level of training that is desired. During training, we will work together to establish a good relationship of trust and communication between your family and your pet.

In House Training: This is our most successful program. It is a two week in kennel training course for dogs four months or older. Jim and the staff will introduce and teach the basic commands and skills through daily practice sessions. At the end of the two week period the family meets with the trainers to learn strategies for continuing the training process. Two follow-up sessions are scheduled to monitor progress and address problems.
Individual Sessions: This option for the owner who plans to take an active role in the training process. An individualized training program is developed focusing on the unique needs of the dog and family. Then sessions with Jim and the training staff are scheduled. The number of sessions depends on the level of obedience desired.
AKC Canine Good Citizenship: This program, sanctioned by the American Kennel Club, is designed to encourage responsible dog ownership and good manners in pets. It is open to all dogs. Participants who pass the ten-step behavior test are awarded the AKC CGC certification. Instruction and practice of acceptable dog behaviors conclude with the test administered by Jim, a certified AKC evaluator.

At Five Oaks we use a variety of products for our training dogs. Some satisfy the need to chew; some are used for physical playtime. Others are interactive toys that stimulate a pup’s mind. These products are, in our experience, durable, enticing to the pups and worth the money. We keep a supply of these particular items on hand, and they are available for purchase. Occasionally new ones are added. We buy in volume and pass the savings along to you. Just give Jim a call or text at 615-604-4363