Training Dogs. . .Educating Families
At the heart of Five Oaks Retreat is Retriever Training. In the South the anticipation of hunting season is an exciting time for any outdoorsman. Having a well trained canine companion greatly enhances the traditional hunt experience. Then what could be more fun than to participate with your retriever in hunting tests and field trials? At Five Oaks Jim along with his training and breeding partners, Mark Turner and Kirk Keene, can get you ready for the hunt!
The first step is to assess the natural hunting qualities of the dog—level of obedience, nose and desire. Then retriever hunting behaviors will be introduced and practiced. These include but are not limited to: being steady at gun shot, being attentive at the retrieving line, responding to hand, voice or whistle commands, performing dependable retrieves consistently and delivering the retrieve to the handler. The trainers will work along with the owner to teach these methods and strategies used in the training. There will be follow up through communications and additional sessions. And advanced levels of hunt training will be available.

Mark Turner
Mark is from Columbia TN, about 50 miles south of Nashville. His first experience with dogs were his parents English Springer Spaniels. After college, Mark got involved in duck hunting and fell in love with the Labrador Retriever. Mark’s first hunting dog was a Chocolate Labrador, that was given to him as a two-year old. Through reading books and trial and error, Mark trained the dog up to a respectable level and hunted the dog for several years. While training the American dog, Mark began reading about the British Lab and became intrigued. A fatal complication occurred in his Chocolate Lab, and Mark purchased an imported British Labrador Retriever to hunt with. Thru this dog, Mark met Jim Sawyers, and the rest is history. Mark and Jim struck up an immediate friendship and started training together and competing in The British Retriever Society of America Trials. True to their origin, these trials are judged under the Kennel Club (UK) Rules and Regulations, as they are in the UK and Europe. With Mark and Jim working as a team, these two have proven to be a formidable duo on the British Trial scene. With Mark handling, Five Oaks Retrievers consistently place “in the money”. Mark has a detailed knowledge of the British Trial system and British training methods, and maintains frequent communication with several of the UK’s finest handler’s. He is “the man” to train your dog up to British Working Test and Field Trial standards.