"Yesterday on one of our walks, River (Mazie x Harvey Dec 2012) and I stopped on the boat dock to admire the scenery. Much to my surprise and horror, River jumped in to chase some egrets going by. Thank God A) She came up swimming and B) She came when I called her back. She is so perfect in every way. In the last four weeks she has mastered come, sit, down, leave it, take it, kennel and bed. Our friends don’t think she is real. The Lacrosse team is in awe of her. She retrieves everything they throw at her! We love her so much. Words can’t express our gratitude!"

The Maze Family
Knoxville, TN
(Teal x Vince 6-9-12)
He has been amazing this weekend. He has slept through both nights, not a peep. In fact, we have woken up early to take him out and he is just sitting in his crate waiting! He has also done a great job of peeing and pooping outside. We are completely impressed!"

Mark and Carey McDonald
Nashville, TN July 2012
(Dodger is a rescue from the Middle Tennessee Golden Retriever Rescue. The Rescue asked Jim to work with Dodger due to his extreme storm phobia.)

"Jim - I just wanted to send a note to thank you so much for the investing time and energy that you have with Dodger. And I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your generosity with the leather lead, CD’s, and G.I. Bone. He has handled 3 thunderstorms already like a little champ! I think he is happy here, and I know it’s because of the time he spent with you. Thanks again for taking a vested interest in him."
"Molly is progressing well. She LOVES food, and as such, we’ve been able to use her food motivation to teach her sit, down, move back, shake, other hand (shake w/left) roll over, bang!(play dead), watch me!, and leave it. She has become a VERY obedient dog with excellent recall. She’s up to 28 lbs now. Many thanks and we continue to be impressed with the quality breeding."

Doug and Bridget
Molly - from Honey x Harm May 2008

"Dear Jim and staff,

I cannot express enough how much I appreciate all of your patience and knowledge in a seemingly futile effort to make Buoy a dog worth keeping. But despite her hard headed nature, I didn’t give up on my maniacal dog and, more importantly, you guys never gave up on me. Jim always told me obedience was the key and that Buoy would know how to retrieve. As hard as it was, I listened to the professional and continued to work obedience as Jim had taught me. I don’t think many people fully appreciate the hard work that you all do, but my dog is a living testament. I was the proudest dog owner in the world on Friday morning. Sure enough, like Jim had told me, Buoy’s instincts held up, as she retrieved her first 3 ducks. Once again, thanks for not giving up on me and Buoy."

Wynne Barton
Nashville, TN - December 2008
"I just wanted to give you an update on Angie’s progress (Tess x Paddy litter 6-07). She comes to both voice and whistle commands, knows how to: sit, stay, heels on a leash, and down. As you can see from the photo, she retrieves to my hand both on land and in water.

I’ve been taking her for walks around my woodlot/farm. We flushed a grouse Sunday, and saw some turkeys yesterday. Both times she smelled “bird”, and she got “birdy.” In fact she picked up a wing feather that one of the turkeys molted, brought it to me when I told her to fetch.

All in all, I’d say she is way ahead of the learning curve for a 15 week old puppy!

Thanks for a great pup."

Dave Mathien
West Valley, New York
"After seeing Jim's success with our other labradors, we were excited to see a litter of puppies available for sale. After contacting Jim and Debbie we were thrilled to bring "Sawyer" into our home with our 15 year old lab mix, our two young labradors, and our children 11 & 10 years old.

What a great addition to our family she has been! She loves pretending she is a "big" dog and loves playing with her canine friends. She also enjoys her "humans" and loves to cuddle and spend time with us. Sawyer passed puppy kindergarten with flying colors and will start an intermediate obedience class soon. Our local trainer has expressed interest in acquiring one of Jim and Debbie's puppies based on Sawyer's intelligence and trainability.

Our expectations of Sawyer were high and she has exceeded even our lofty goals. If in the position to obtain another labrador we would certainly be calling Jim and Debbie Sawyers."

Greg and Clara Mathien
Knoxville, TN

"The best black lab puppy EVER was born three years ago today. Thank you Jim and Debbie for Blitz (and Belle too). Those two dogs put a smile on my face every day."

The Bond Family; July 2016