Training Dogs. . .Educating Families
Training creates a stronger, more compatible bond between owner and pet. It enhances the relationships within the family and makes living together more enjoyable. However, happy well-trained dogs require time and effort.
Our philosophy at Five Oaks is that the owners must be educated as well as the dog. It is crucial for the entire family to be involved in the training process. Consistency among family members is extremely valuable when working with the dog in order to reach the level of training that is desired. Through exercises and directed play a good relationship of trust and communication can be established.
With over fifty years of experience in the dog world, we have resources of every kind that we are happy to share (free of charge, of course) with fellow dog enthusiasts. Whether it be a trainer, class or just advice, we can put you in touch with the right professional. Our desire is to see everyone reach their potential as dog lovers. We are here for you and your dog!